Why Node.JS is such a popular choice for web application developers

Why Node.JS is such a popular choice for web application developers

Node.js exploded onto the web development in 2009, built on the back of the JavaScript runtime produced by Chrome – and ever since has established itself as one of the most important and one of the most fundamental frameworks designed for rapid web application development (and it’s easy to see why).

This is no flash in the pan solution that starts off with a big bang and then fades off into obscurity. No, Node.js is a full-featured framework designed to provide web developers with real-time web application solutions, highly interactive user experiences, and the kind of flexibility and freedom in web development that you just aren’t going to find elsewhere.

It certainly doesn’t hurt the reputation of Node.js that major companies like PayPal, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix, Walmart, and more are all utilizing Node.js to build a mobile application and web application solutions, either!

While Node.js brings a lot of advantages to the table, the most significant of all these advantages have to be its ability to provide developers with capabilities that allow for JavaScript creation on both the client and server side of development.

Below we highlight some of the biggest benefits that Node.js brings to the table, the kinds of advantages you are going to be able to enjoy as a web application developer.

A rapid development process

Utilizing the V8 Engine that has been developed and released by the folks at Google to allow compilation of JavaScript into native machine code with lightning fast execution, Node.js is one of the fastest development tools you’ll find anywhere to produce robust, complex and intuitive web applications.

Executing common web application tasks is going to happen almost instantaneously with Node.js – including when you are reading or writing to a database, network connection, or a file system. At the same time, these processes are going to be a lot more lightweight than they would have been in the past, improving efficiency and speed at the same time.

A live app development environment

Real-time mobile and web application development is absolutely essential these days, with Big Data a linchpin of success in the world of business right now (and for obvious reasons).

By gaining access to critical information about your users and your customers in real time – and then finding ways to use of that information in real time as well – you are given a competitive advantage through using Node.js that doesn’t exist otherwise.

Node.js users are able to build real-time web applications as quickly as anyone could build a straightforward blog in PHP. Multiuser functions are handled by oven loops through web socket protocols based off of TCP, avoiding any of the throttling or overhead issues of HTTP in the web development side of things.

Effortless data streaming

While HTTP requests and responses are two separate and isolated offense, the data streams that are released during both processes are interrelated and interconnected – which can slow down data streaming significantly. Through using Node.js, file processing while uploading is a reality that will save a considerable amount of time that would have otherwise gone wasted during the initial processing of event data through streaming. Real-time video or audio recording is made simple and straightforward with the use of Node.js.

You can use a single code base for full web development

It is impossible to overstate the importance or the value of being able to use a single code base when creating a web application the way that Node.js makes possible.

One of the biggest hurdles that any web developer has to clear when they are designing something new or developing something from scratch is utilizing multiple code bases, multiple libraries, and multiple sources of resources to cobble something together effectively.

The potential for the system to break under the weight of interconnectivity is always there, and worse than that, jumping from one code base to another is inevitably going to slow even the fastest and most focused developer down significantly.

This isn’t necessarily a one-stop shop solution that is going to dominate the world to web development by any stretch of the imagination but is a single source solution and a web development/application development framework that fills a very specific and very particular need exceptionally well.

Node.js allows for the rapid development of scalable online and web applications, all in a single source location with code base and resources available without a lot of jumping around. Combine that with all of the other events that have already been highlighted in this quick guide it’s easy to see why so many veteran developers are jumping on board the Node.js platform and why so many brand-new web developers are choosing Node.js as their first foray into the world of web application development.

Robust, flexible, and advanced while still remaining relatively simple, straightforward, and lightning fast to take advantage of, Node.js is a game changer in the world of web application development.


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